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Smarter Development

Greater efficiencies are always possible

Smart processes and workflows accommodate a wide range of batch sizes, allowing TSI to provide cost-effective product supply for a variety of clients including major brands that are sold in pharmacies and supermarkets, as well as products dispensed via practitioners.


Smart product development means high quality formulas developed using sophisticated granulation technologies to optimise dose size, yet keep costs low.


TSI caters for this popular product format with greater flexibility ensuring products developed meet market needs as well as client needs, catering for brand, product size and cost. TSI facilities cater for a range of options including:

  • Film coating solutions for functional and cosmetic purposes

  • Low and high volume production

  • Extensive range of shapes and sizes

  • Controlled release formulations

  • Stock Items (including Glucosamine and Vitamin C products)


Smarter encapsulation processes make improving the stability of difficult ingredients much easier, in particular those which are heat, pressure or light sensitive.

Capsules are manufactured with easy identification, accurate dosing and high absorption rates.


TSI provides a solution for oils and other non-aqueous liquids. Typical ingredients include Omega 3 oils, CoQ10, and Vitamins D and E.


TSI packaging facilities offer the flexibility to assemble tablets, capsules, and softgels into uniquely labelled glass and plastic bottles and jars.

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